South Carolina Railroads - Carolina Southern Railroad


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Original Starting Point

Original Ending Point




Still Operational

Whiteville, NC Chadbourn, NC

Mullins, SC Conway, SC

+ 1995 - Acquired two lines from CSX Transportation, Inc.

Carolina Southern Railroad operates freight service from a CSX connection in Mullins, SC to Whiteville, NC, a distance of about thirty-seven (37) miles. A branch runs from Chadbourn, NC to Conway, SC, a distance of about 38.9 miles. Total miles operated is more than seventy-six (76). Traffic includes coal, lumber, stone, brick, and fertilizer, some 15,000 automobiles yearly.

The main line was built by the Wilmington, Columbia & Augusta and Wilmington & Manchester railroads. The Conway branch was built by the Wilmington, Chadbourn & Conway Railroad. All three railroads became part of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad system, a direct predecessor to CSX, Inc.

CSX sold the line to Duval Transportation and service began on March 28, 1987. Duval was renamed Mid-Atlantic Railroad on November 4, 1987. Mid-Atlantic was sold on February 7, 1995 to the current operator and renamed as the Carolina Southern Railroad. The company is owned by Ken Pippin.

The Carolina Southern Railroad also operates the Wacamaw Coast Line, which is no longer in service.

Principal commodities carried include coal, aggregates, wallboard and lumber. The company owns eleven (11) engines and ten (10) cars, and transports over 1.7 million tons annually.

Towns on Route (in SC):

Whiteville to Mullins Line:

SC/NC State Line



Chadbourn to Conway Line:

SC/NC State Line







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