South Carolina Railroads - Catawba Valley Railway


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Original Starting Point

Original Ending Point





Fort Lawn, SC

Great Falls, SC
* 1908 - Acquired by Seaboard Air Line Railway.

This 22-mile road was begun by the Southern Power Company (later Duke Power), which constructed ten (10) miles of track from Great Falls on the west bank of the Catawba River northward to Fort Lawn in 1906.

The road was taken over by the newly-formed Catawba Valley Railway Company in 1907 and extended another twelve miles northward to meet the Seaboard Air Line Railway near the town of Catawba, SC.

As soon as the line was completed, its operation was taken over by the Seaboard Air Line Railway, and formally merged into SAL in 1908.

On May 9, 1906, the South Carolina Secretary of State issued a charter for the Catawba Valley Railway to run a line from Lugoff in Kershaw County northward to the NC/SC State Line. This is not near where it ended up being constructed.
According to Page 298 of the 30th Annual Report of the South Carolina Railroad Commission, dated June 30, 1908, the Catawba Valley Railway was part of the Seaboard Air Line with 21.43 miles of track operational.

Towns on Route:

Great Falls

Fort Lawn






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