South Carolina Railroads - Conway Seashore Railroad


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

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Conway, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC
+ 1912 - Acquired by Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.
* 1904 - Renamed to the Conway, Coast & Western Railroad.
aka Conway & Seashore Railroad. aka Conway & Seacoast Railroad.

In December of 1887 the first train came to Conway from Chadbourn - on the Wilmington, Chadbourn & Conway Railroad. The first train of the Conway Seashore Railroad to Myrtle Beach ran in 1900.

A survey was done between Conway and the coast by F.G. Burroughs and F.A. Burroughs, his son, in 1896. The Conway Seashore Railroad was chartered in the Legislative Act 147 on February 28, 1899 to run from the county seat of Conway to Withers Swash at the Atlantic Ocean's edge.

Lots were sold by Burroughs & Collins around railroad tracks in Aynor in 1910, and the Burroughs Railroad Company built the first tracks to the coast, changing its name from Conway Seashore Railroad to Conway, Coast & Western Railroad in July of 1904.

The railroad used to come down to where the Pavilion parking lot is now, and there were only two hotels - the Seaside Inn and the Lafayette Manor. The Seaside Inn, a three-story wood frame structure with a cupola and boardwalk, opened in June of 1901 after Burroughs & Collins Co. had developed New Town, which had earlier changed its name to Myrtle Beach on November 1, 1900. The boardwalk led to the Atlantic in the front and to the railroad depot about a block away.

Up until 1912, people had to depend on the railroad to reach Myrtle Beach. The tram road was taken over by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and developed into a standard railroad track. Soon after 1912, roads were improved so that the area became more accessible to visitors. Quite a few people from Florence became interested in the beach and bought most of the lots north to the present site of the Ocean Plaza Hotel.

Towns on Route:


Burcol (1901)

Myrtle Beach (1901)

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