South Carolina Railroads - Georgetown & Western Railroad


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Year Line Operational

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Georgetown, SC

Lane, SC
* 1915 - Acquired by the Carolina, Atlantic & Western Railroad in May of 1915.
Was the Georgetown & Lanes Railroad. Shows up on an 1883 map as the Georgetown & Western Railroad.

With the Georgetown & Lanes Railroad in receivership in 1885, it was reorganized in 1887 as the Georgetown & Western Railroad. In 1888, it replaced all thirty-six (36) miles of track to be standard gauge (4'-8-1/2"). The new company constructed approximately seventy (70) miles of logging lines in and around Andrews, SC, including a twenty-eight (28) mile branch that went northward from Andrews to the Pee Dee River between 1901 and 1911.

However, the railroad was in receivership from 1902 to 1912. The Seaboard Air Line Railway took an interest in the line and helped the company financially. In anticipation of future plans, the new branch from Andrews to the Pee Dee River was rebuilt to main line standards in 1911 under SAL supervision and extended seven (7) miles on to Poston..

On December 1, 1911, a jointly-owned bridge was constructed across the Pee Dee River, joining this line with the North & South Carolina Railroad, which had constructed tracks from Gibson, NC to Poston, SC.

In May of 1915, the Georgetown & Western Railroad was absorbed by the Carolina, Atlantic & Western Railroad, which was to become part of Seaboard Air Line Railway later that same year.

Towns on Route:


Sampit Station (1880s)

Rosemary (1903) > Andrews (1909)


Harpers > Harper (1896)

Earles (1889) > Earl (1894)

Trio (1884)

Greens (1888) > Taft (1902) > Bryan (1914)

Carris (1900)

Lanes > Lane (1892)

2nd Line - Andrews to Poston (completed 1911):


Morrisville Station (1910s)


Henry (1911)

Lambert > Hemingway (1911)

Venters > Excelton (1916)


Allison > Poston (1912)

The 22nd Annual Report of the South Carolina Railroad Commissioners of 1900 provided the following list of stations with mileage for the Georgetown & Western Railroad:

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