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Lane, SC

Durwood, SC

The Paroda Railroad, owned by the Aldermans (also owners of the Alcolu Railroad), connected with the Alcolu Railroad at Paroda Junction. The Paroda Railroad was chartered in 1906 and was intended to be a standard gauge line to Lanes on the Northeastern Railroad between Florence and Charleston, where it would also connect with the Georgetown & Western Railroad.

The Paroda first built north to Durwood, then this was abandoned in 1910. In 1912, the Paroda then built south to Bethel Siding in southeast Williamsburg County.

The Paroda Railroad was little more than a logging road feeding the Alcolu Railroad, but it was listed in the Official Guide as a common carrier. The Alcolu Railroad obtained trackage rights and operated freight over the line.

The Paroda Railroad was abandoned in 1930.

On October 8, 1906, the South Carolina Secretary of State issued a charter for the Paroda Railroad to run a line from the existing Alcolu Railroad to the town of Beulah then to the town of Lane.
According to the 30th Annual Report of the South Carolina Railroad Commission, dated June 30, 1908, the Paroda Railroad was operational as of June 30, 1908 with five (5) miles of track.
According to the 34th Annual Report of the South Carolina Railroad Commission for the year ending December 31, 1912, the Paroda Railroad was operational between Paroda Junction and Bethel Siding with ten (10) miles of track.

Towns on Route:



Paroda Junction (1900s)


Towns on Route - 2nd Line (10 miles) (1912):

Paroda Junction

Bethel Siding

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