South Carolina Railroads - South Carolina Central Railway


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Original Starting Point

Original Ending Point




Still Operational

Cheraw, SC Florence, SC Laurens, SC

Society Hill, SC Bishopville, SC E. Greenville, SC

+ 1997 - Acquired the Greenville & Northern Railroad. Sold Right of Way to Greenville County Economic Development Corporation. Line no longer in service.
*Acquired the first two lines in 1987 and a third line in 1990 from CSX Transportation, Inc.

The South Carolina Central Railway operates two unconnected lines in South Carolina. One extends from a connection with CSX at Florence to Bishopville, some 42.4 miles. The other extends from a CSX connection at Cheraw to Society Hill, 13 miles away. SCCRR abandoned track from Floyd to Society Hill after start up. Later, track was abandoned from Bishopville to Sumter.

The lines are former Seaboard Air Line, except for the Florence/Hartsville portion, which is Atlantic Coast Line heritage. CSX Transportation, Inc. sold the lines to South Carolina Central on December 1, 1987. South Carolina Central was a RailTex property and is now RailAmerica.

The South Carolina Central Railroad bought the Greenville & Northern Railroad in April of 1997, and the last train ran on the G&N in January 1998. Railtex (the owner of SCCR) sold the right of way to the Greenville County Economic Development Corporation. There are reportedly no plans to reopen this line in the works. Most of the remaining G&N is out of service.

Principal commodities carried include: lumber, chemicals, food, pulp, farm products, resins and industrial engines. The company owns eight (8) engines, 270 box, gondola, and flatcars, and transports over 3.6 million tons annually.

Towns on Route:

Line #1 - Cheraw to Society Hill:



Society Hill

Line #2 - Florence to Bishopville:







Line #3 - Laurens to East Greenville:



Gray Court

East Greenville

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