South Carolina Railroads - South Bound Railroad


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Original Starting Point

Original Ending Point





Columbia, SC

Savannah, GA
+ 1900 - Merged into the Seaboard Air Line Railway.
* 1894 - Leased by the Florida Central & Peninsular Railway. (some sources claim it was 1893)
This 136-mile line from Savannah, GA to Columbia, SC opened in 1891. In 1894, it was leased to the Florida Central & Peninsular Railroad. Between 1899 and 1901, the South Bound Railroad was extended north to Camden, SC to meet the Seaboard Air Line Railway's Chesterfield & Kershaw Railroad

In 1891, the South Bound Railroad Company, later a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Seaboard Air Line Railway's Florida Central & Peninsular Railroad, built a line in conjunction with the connecting SAL-owned Chesterfield & Kershaw Railroad to connect the disjointed northern and southern portions of the newly-created Seaboard Air Line Railway.

It is said that the station at Lugoff, SC and subsequently the community name, was named after a Russian-born engineer who oversaw the construction of the line, a certain "Count Lugoff." This would be in line with other stations on the line named after company and local notables, such as Blaney, Bethune, and McBee. Nothing more is known of the man except that he also brought with him a number of Russian workers to help build the line.

The town of North was founded, as many small towns in South Carolina, as a result of the railroad. John F. North, George W. Pou, and Sampson A. Livingston donated 100 acres to create a rail depot and town on the South Bound Railroad's new rail line.

Mr. North was influential in bringing the railroad to the area, so the town is named after him - North, South Carolina.

Towns on Route (in SC):


Dixiana (1890s)

Senn > Gaston (1892)

Swansea (1892)

Woodford (1892)

Jones Bridge > North (1892)

Livingston (1892)

Silver Springs (1893) > Neeses #2 (1898)


Stella (1892) > Norway (1892)

Willow (1892) (aka Sweden Station)

Denmark (1892)

Govan (1891)

Olar (1892)

Roby (1890s)


Sycamore (1892)

Sanders > Fairfax (1891)

Gifford (1892)

Luray (1891)

Lawtonville > Estill (1892)

Scotia (1891)

Garnett (1892)

SC/GA State Line

Line Extension - Camden to Columbia (1901):


Lugoff (1900)

Jeffers (1898) > Blaney (1900) > Elgin (1962)

Jacobs (1901) > Pontiac (1915)

Dentsville (1901)

College Place (1900s)

Survey Place (1900s)


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