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Dunbarton, SC

The Savannah River Site (SRS) was created in the 1950s to process nuclear fuel for the Department of Energy (and others). It was first managed and operated by DuPont and is now managed and operated by the Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.

At one time here were over sixty-three (63) miles of railroad within this large national facility, and the only way out is via the small town of Dunbarton, SC and the connection with the CSX line there.

As of 2005, there were only about thirty-three (33) miles of railroad remaining onsite. A report from the DOE, dated July 25, 2005 states:

"The railroads support delivery of foreign fuel shipments, movement of nuclear material and equipment onsite and will support delivery of construction materials for new mission projects. Materials and products transported by rail to or from SRS are shipped by CSX Transportation, which has access throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

"No tunnels or underpasses restrict the transportation of tall or wide loads. Both roads and railroads are undergoing evaluation to reduce costs. For example, railroad operation shifts will be reduced from two to one,
and WSRC will continue to close unneeded track sections, reduce railroad tie replacements, transfer railroad shipments to road shipments, etc., with plans to abandon SRS railroad system after the last shipment of depleted uranium oxide waste drums to Envirocare, Utah (by Fiscal Year 2006)."

Towns on Route:

Savannah River Site (not a town)


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