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Shoals Junction, SC

Ware Shoals, SC
Built and owned by Southern Railway.

In the northern part of Greenwood County a textile center developed at Saluda River shoals. Nathaniel Dial of Laurens County and six other investors began construction of a textile mill to be operated by a hydroelectric power station, but they soon encountered financial difficulties. They persuaded Benjamin Riegel of New York to invest in the project. Riegel moved to South Carolina, completed the mill, and built the model town of Ware Shoals for his workers.

The Ware Shoals Railroad was a short line connecting the town of Ware Shoals, SC, to the Southern Railway and the Piedmont & Northern Railway (later Seaboard Coast Line) at Shoals Junction, SC. The train carried goods to and from the textile mill located in Ware Shoals, but its main use was the transportation of coal.

The railroad was built in 1908 by the Southern Railway, which supplied locomotives to operate the line during the steam era. By the late 1950s, the railroad dieselized with a single ex-Southern General Electric 44-ton locomotive, numbered 1955.

The railroad ceased operations in 1985 when the textile mill begin to curtail operations. Trackage was pulled up in 1987.

According to the 30th Annual Report of the South Carolina Railroad Commission, dated June 30, 1908, the Ware Shoals Railroad had five (5) miles of track in operations as of June 30, 1908, from Ware Shoals to Shoals Junction.
On July 25, 1908, the South Carolina Secretary of State issued a charter for the Ware Shoals Railroad, to run from Ware Shoals to the junction of the Southern Railway.

Towns on Route:

Shoals Junction (1910)

Ware Shoals

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